radmon.org logs radiation measurements for on-line viewing, in graphical and map formats.

There are several ways to submit measurements. For Windows PCs, the RadLog application. For Linux and Rasberry Pi, the pyradmon.py python script. For direct connection via wired ethernet, BroHogan's GKnet kit.

Many kit counters are compatible, so are some commericially available models. Here is a list of known compatible models:
MyGeiger v2, MyGeiger, SMT Universal Kit, Arduino IDE Geiger Kit from RH Electronics
VRTP.ru geiger counter by Paodaf.
GK-B5 and GK-Plus DIY geiger counter kits by BroHogan.
NetIO GC-10 and NetIO GC-08 by NET-IO Devices Inc.
GMC-080, GMC-200, GMC-280, GMC-300E and GMC-320 geiger counters by GQ Electronics.
SEN-11345 geiger counter kit by Sparkfun
Atomic.dave Titan geiger counter by Atomic.dave
radmon.org features an alert system that can be enabled, disabled and adjusted by the user to suit their equipment, location and station set-up. Accidental alerts can be deleted by the user and high CPM experiments are welcome. This website is intended for a community of experimenters and enthusiasts - come and join the forums!

radmon.org is supported by donations only. If you enjoy this website and/or RadLog and would like to see continued development please consider donating. Thank you!

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