Welcome to two new stations!

fusebit is in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and has a MyGeiger with LND-712 tube.

Limpynet is in Echt, Netherlands and has a Arduino Uno with Radiation Detector Arduino Compatible DIY Kit and a CTC-5 tube.

Work on electrical and ethernet wiring was completed successfully, the radmon.org server is now in another place. Maintenance to remove accumulated dust and debris was done.
Due to electrical work being carried out here, radmon.org server will be powered down for a few hours. We'll be back up as soon as possible.
Welcome alexsgv to radmon.org!
alexsgv has a GC320+ with M4011 tube.
Welcome Natrix to radmon.org!
Natrix has a radmon.org radbox-20 with SBM-20 tube, outdoors.
Thank you for your support!
Welcome W8HF to radmon.org! :)
W8HF has a MightyOhm geiger counter with SBM-20 tube.