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IAEA Fukushima Status Reports

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Nuclear Energy News -- ScienceDaily

Nuclear Energy News -- ScienceDaily

Nuclear Energy Research. Nuclear power, fission and fusion, tabletop accelerators, and more. Read the latest scientific research on nuclear energy.
  • Researchers develop novel approach to modeling yet-unconfirmed rare nuclear process
    Researchers have taken a major step toward a theoretical first-principles description of neutrinoless double-beta decay. Observing this yet-unconfirmed rare nuclear process would have important implications for particle physics and cosmology. Theoretical simulations are essential to planning and evaluating proposed experiments.
  • New method measures temperature within 3D objects
    Engineers have made it possible to remotely determine the temperature beneath the surface of certain materials using a new technique they call depth thermography. The method may be useful in applications where traditional temperature probes won't work, like monitoring semiconductor performance or next-generation nuclear reactors.
  • Mathematical noodling leads to new insights into an old fusion problem
    Scientists have gained new insight into a common type of plasma hiccup that interferes with fusion reactions. These findings could help bring fusion energy closer to reality.
  • Scientists develop new tool to design better fusion devices
    One way that scientists seek to bring to Earth the fusion process that powers the stars is trapping plasma within a twisting magnetic coil device shaped like a breakfast cruller. But the device, called a stellarator, must be precisely engineered to prevent heat from escaping the plasma core where it stokes the fusion reactions. Now, researchers have demonstrated that an advance...
  • Quantum diamond sensing
    Researchers report a new quantum sensing technique that allows high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy on small molecules in dilute solution in a 10 picoliter sample volume -- roughly equivalent to a single cell.
  • A step forward in solving the reactor-neutrino flux problem
    A nuclear theory group experiment paves the way for solving the reactor antineutrino flux problems. The experiment is designed to measure the mass of the neutrino. As a by product of the calibration efforts of the experiment the electron spectral shape of the beta decay of Xe-137 could be measured.
  • A proven method for stabilizing efforts to bring fusion power to Earth
    Researchers have demonstrated a method for stabilizing fusion plasmas by suppressing edge localized modes (ELMs).
  • Radioactive cloud over Europe had civilian background
    A mysterious cloud containing radioactive ruthenium-106, which moved across Europe in 2017, is still bothering Europe's radiation protection entities. German researchers now found out that the cloud did not originate from military sources but rather from civilian nuclear activities.
  • Reaction microscope 'X-rays' individual molecules
    For more than 200 years, we have been using X-rays to look inside matter, and progressing to ever smaller structures -from crystals to nanoparticles. Now, physicists have achieved a qualitative leap forward: using a new experimental technique, they have been able to 'X-ray' molecules such as oxygen and view their motion in the microcosm.
  • Physicists study mirror nuclei for precision theory test
    A precision measurement of helium and hydrogen mirror isotopes reveals new questions in understanding of nuclear structure.
  • Physicists measure a short-lived radioactive molecule for first time
    Researchers have combined the power of a super collider with techniques of laser spectroscopy to precisely measure a short-lived radioactive molecule, radium monofluoride, for the first time.
  • Scientists announce a 'nuclear' periodic table
    Physicists develop a 'nuclear periodic table'. While the traditional table is based on the behavior of electrons in an atom, this new table is based on the protons in the nucleus. Protons have different stable magic numbers, and the table highlights alternative ways to illustrate the laws of nature.
  • Return of the Blob: Surprise link found to edge turbulence in fusion plasma
    Correlation discovered between magnetic turbulence in fusion plasmas and troublesome blobs at the plasma edge.
  • Next-gen laser facilities look to usher in new era of relativistic plasmas research
    Chirped pulse amplification increases the strength of laser pulses in many of today's highest-powered research lasers, and as next-generation laser facilities look to push beam power, physicists expect a new era for studying plasmas. Researchers have released a study taking stock of what upcoming high-power laser capabilities are poised to teach us about relativistic plasmas su...
  • Discovery about the edge of fusion plasma could help realize fusion power
    Unique simulations reveal new understanding of the highly complex edge of fusion plasmas.
Atomic Insights

Atomic Insights

Atomic energy technology, politics, and perceptions from a nuclear energy insider who served as a US nuclear submarine engineer officer
  • Atomic Show #279 – Michael Shellenberger talks about Apocalypse Never
    Michael Shellenberger’s new book, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All has provoked numerous reactions and conversations. It is a carefully researched, 400 page work where 25% of the book is endnotes that document sources for the statements in the book. Michael is a stranger to the “go along to get along” mode of […]
  • Atomic Show #278 – Micro-Modular Reactor (MMR) project partners USNC, GFP and OPG
    Global First Power (GFP), Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) recently announced that they had formed a joint venture called Global First Power Limited Partnership. That venture will build, own and operate an installation called the Micro Modular Reactor (MMR™) at the Chalk River Laboratories site. Mark Mitchell and Eric MGoey [&hellip...
  • One vignette in radiation fear campaign
    Abject fear of radiation, even at low doses, is a root cause of the cost and schedule difficulties associated with atomic energy development and deployment. At Atomic Insights, we believe that most of the fear of low dose radiation is not only unwarranted, but it is also purposely created, taught and carefully reinforced by people. […]
  • Atomic Show #277 – Simon Wakter, pro-nuclear engineer in an ambivalent country
    Simon Wakter is a strongly pro-nuclear engineer in a country that passed a referendum officially phasing out nuclear energy since several years before he was born. He has to round up to be called a thirty-something. Simon works in the nuclear energy branch of AFRY, a well-established 17,000 employee, all-of-the-above. engineering company that recently adopted […]
  • Review: Juice: How Electricity Explains the World
    It’s clear that Robert Bryce and Tyson Culver like living on a planet populated by humans. They have produced a movie that celebrates electricity as the key enabler of the modern world that we have created. Their film challenges us to keep on building and improving our technology until everyone has abundant, reliable access to […]
  • How did leaders of the Hydrocarbon Establishment build the foundation for radiation fears?
    On December 8, 1953 President Eisenhower announced to the UN that the US knew how to harness atomic energy to produce useful power. He stated that the US was willing to widely share that knowledge. He described an especially intriguing possibility of using atomic energy to bring power to the “power-starved areas of the world.” […]
  • Atomic Show #276 – HolosGen Claudio Filippone and Chip Martin
    HolosGen has attacked the nuclear power plant cost and schedule challenge from the opposite direction chosen by many nuclear reactor developers. Claiming to be agnostic about the reactor specifics – as long as it produces reliable heat in a small-enough configuration – HolosGen founder Claudio Filippone decided to focus on radical improvements to the “balance ...
  • Atomic Show #275 – Managing advanced nuclear development during pandemic
    Managing any business is hard work, especially during a global pandemic with stay-at-home orders in place. It requires creativity and flexibility along with some amount of prior preparation. On May 11, 2020, I gathered a group of representatives from several start-up companies that are developing advanced nuclear technologies to talk about how they are making […]
  • Atomic Show #274 – Thomas Jam Pedersen, Copenhagen Atomics
    Copenhagen isn’t the first city name that comes to mind as the place to start a nuclear company. Denmark has decommissioned its last research reactor and has never had a nuclear power plant. That hasn’t deterred Thomas Jam Pedersen and his colleagues at Copenhagen Atomics. Starting a decade or more ago, they began learning about […]
  • Nuclear energy makes a cameo appearance in Jeff Gibbs’s Planet of the Humans
    Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs teamed up to produce a piercing, controversial, gut punching documentary titled Planet of the Humans. Partly as a result of the global closure of theaters, and partly as a result of wanting to make an impact on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, they released their film for free on […]
  • Atomic Show #273 – Liz Muller, Deep Isolation
    Liz Muller is a co-founder and the CEO of Deep Isolation, a company that makes the modest claim of having invented a solution to nuclear waste. The politically unsolved waste issue has plagued nuclear energy development since the mid 1970s. That was when it became abundantly clear that the original plan to recycle used fuel […]
  • Atomic Show #272 – Karnfull Energi
    Karnfull Energi is a young company that is successfully proving that nuclear energy is more popular than politicians believe. They have created the world’s first 100% nuclear energy offering. Customers have responded with their wallets, showing they are willing to pay a modest premium for higher quality electricity. People are shopping at Karfull’s online store. [&h...
  • Atomic Show #271 – Improving Nuclear Cost and Schedule Performance
    One of the most persistent arguments against the rapid deployment of nuclear energy is that projects are too expensive and take too long to complete. Based on the performance of the few nuclear plants that have begun construction in the West during this century, it’s hard to disagree. But there is solid evidence from projects […]
  • X-300 Blazing a Different Kind of Trail in Smaller Nuclear Reactor Development
    GEH spent about half a billion dollars designing, testing and certifying the ESBWR. Despite that investment, the 1,520 MWe Enhanced, Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) design documents are just gathering dust with no active projects in sight. GEH is a joint venture between US-based GE, a $95 billion annual revenue conglomerate and Hitachi, a Japanese […]
  • Atomic Show #270 – Fastest Path to Zero
    Suzanne (Suzy) Hobbs Baker serves as the Creative Director for Fastest Path to Zero. I recently spoke with Suzy and Steve Aplin, a consultant to the Canadian nuclear industry and frequent Atomic Show guest, about the work that Fastest Path to Zero has done and plans to do in the near future. Fastest Path to […]

Energy News

Energy News
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Short, timely articles with graphics on energy facts, issues, and trends.
  • U.S. Henry Hub natural gas spot prices reached record lows in the first half of 2020
    In the first half of 2020, natural gas prices at the U.S. Henry Hub benchmark reached record lows. The average monthly Henry Hub spot price in the first six months of the year was $1.81 per million British thermal units (MMBtu). Monthly prices reached a low of $1.63/MMBtu in June, the lowest monthly inflation-adjusted (real) price since at least 1989. Prices started the year lo...
  • In 2019, the United States produced and consumed record volumes of natural gas
    Natural gas is one of the main sources of energy in the United States. In 2019, U.S. production of dry natural gas increased to almost 34 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) and consumption increased to 31 Tcf—both values were records. The U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) U.S. natural gas flow diagram shows the magnitude of U.S. natural gas supply (production, imports...
  • Drop in petroleum demand led to rise in crude oil inventories and low refinery utilization
    The U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) latest Petroleum Supply Monthly shows the significant changes in petroleum markets that occurred in April, when most of the United States was under stay-at-home orders to limit the spread of coronavirus. In April, commercial crude oil inventories increased by 46.7 million barrels (10%)—the largest monthly increase in EIA ...
  • Mixed water supply conditions affect summer 2020 hydropower outlook in Pacific Northwest
    On June 4, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Northwest River Forecast Center (NWRFC) released its final Pacific Northwest water supply projection for the 2020 water year, which runs from October 2019 to September 2020. The forecast shows above-average water supply in the northern half of the Columbia River Basin and below-average supply in the southern half,...
  • NERC report outlines how pandemic mitigation could affect electric reliability this summer
    Despite heightened uncertainty—stemming from efforts to slow the progression of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)—in demand projections, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC) recent 2020 Summer Reliability Assessment finds that enough resources are available to meet this summer's projected peak electricity demand in most areas of the co...

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Nuclear and wmd news covering nuclear an chemical weapons, nuclear proliferation and arms control.
  • Kim’s sister says ‘no need’ for another US-N. Korea summit
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Friday there was “no need” for another summit with the United States unless Washington offered a “decisive change” in approach. Kim and US President Donald Trump first met in Singapore two years ago but talks over Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal have been stalled since th...
  • Mysterious damage to Iran nuclear site: what we know
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkAccident or Israeli sabotage? A mysterious incident in the early hours of Thursday, July 2, badly damaged a building at Iran’s Natanz nuclear complex and sparked speculation over the cause. The incident came at the end of a week marked by two explosions in Tehran, including one near a military site. Officials said the blasts […]https://www.def...
  • Iran reports ‘accident’ at nuclear site, warns enemies
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkTehran on Thursday reported an “accident” at Natanz nuclear complex in central Iran, saying there were no casualties or radioactive pollution, and warned foes — especially Israel — against hostile actions. There was “no nuclear material (at the damaged warehouse) and no potential of pollution,” the spokesman for Iran&rsq...
  • F-15E officially first compatible fighter for B61-12 nuclear bomb
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe F-15E Strike Eagle has officially become the first fully compatible fighter aircraft to carry and deploy the latest variant of the United States Air Force’s (USAF) air-dropped nuclear munition – the B61-12. In a media release on Twitter dated June 9th, Sandia National Labs stated that “Years of preparation have culminated in two test ...
  • US indicts NKoreans, Chinese over $2.5 bn network to dodge sanctions
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe US Justice Department indicted 28 North Koreans and five Chinese on Thursday for operating a money laundering ring that moved billions of dollars through global banks to avoid nuclear sanctions on Pyongyang. The network processed more than $2.5 billion through over 250 front companies across Thailand, Libya, Austria, Russia, China and Kuwait to evade [...
  • Germany’s SPD seeks scrapping of US nuclear arms shield
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkLeft-leaning allies of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservatives launched an offensive on Sunday calling for the withdrawal of US nuclear arms in Germany. Two senior figures in the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the junior partner in the government coalition, voiced strong opposition to the weapons. “Nuclear arms on German soil do not str...
  • Russia Threatens Massive Response if US Deploys Low-Yield Nukes on Subs
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkRussia is warning that any U.S. attempt to use a low-yield nuclear weapon against a Russian target would set off a massive nuclear response. The Russian foreign ministry was reacting to a State Department paper released last week that says placing low-yield nuclear weapons on ballistic missiles launched from submarines would counter what it sees […]...
  • Nuclear powers express full support for non-proliferation treaty
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkTop diplomats from the US, China, Britain, France and Russia on Tuesday expressed full support for the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), marking half a century since the document came into force. “Today, 50 years later, we celebrate the immeasurable contributions this landmark treaty has made to the security and prosperity of ...
  • US military plans portable mini nuclear power plants
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe US military said Monday they are planning to deploy a miniature nuclear generator that can be carried in a freight truck and could power a remote base indefinitely. The US Defense Department awarded three contracts for the engineering design of the mobile reactors, targeting a one to five megawatt capacity. The project, dubbed Pele, […]https://w...
  • US Seeks to Maintain Credible Nuclear Deterrent
    DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe United States maintains a robust nuclear arsenal that consists of ground-based, air-launched and sea-launched weapons. Together, it’s commonly called the “nuclear triad,” and it remains the centerpiece of the U.S. nuclear deterrent. The triad is fast approaching the end of its service life and must quickly be replaced before it’...

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Bechtel News - Nuclear, Security & Environmental

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energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

Most recent 15 energy/utilities-energy/power articles distributed by realwire
  • Informing Post-COVID-19 Economic Decision Making
    Iotics announces founding membership of Emergent Alliance July 10, 2020 Iotics is one of the founding members of the Emergent Alliance, a not-for-profit community to better inform the future economic decision making of governments, corporations and organizations post-COVID-19. Alongside fellow members such as Rolls-Royce, IBM, Microsoft, Google Cloud and the Open Data Institute...
  • Cut Carbon Not Forests: Hard-Hitting Campaign Urges UK Policymakers To Build A True Clean Energy Economy And End Dirty Biomass Subsidies
    Environmental advocacy groups join forces in fresh appeal for MPs to redirect biomass subsidies towards truly clean and renewable energy sources like solar and wind LONDON (22 June, 2020) – A coalition of environmental advocacy groups have launched Cut Carbon Not Forests, a hard-hitting campaign to expose the UK’s wasteful subsidies for companies that burn trees for...
  • The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Securely Connects Centrica Field Engineers To What They Need
    Employees use modern applications on connected devices to improve customer service and efficiency. See full video here BRACKNELL, UK. 16th June 2020 – With the new Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and Windows 10 Pro, Centrica has taken its tradition of service excellence to the next level – the cloud – and transformed the working...
  • Smarter Choices launches pilot digital platform enabling UK SMEs to improve energy efficiency
    London, UK June 16th, 2020 The Smarter Choices consortium launches a pilot aimed at UK manufacturing SMEs to overcome current barriers to energy efficiency after successfully winning Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) funding [1]. The programme will offer a one-stop-shop in the form of a digital platform, showcasing results from independent energy as...
  • RiskIQ announces investment from National Grid Partners
    Strategic alliance will expand attack surface management to new markets London, UK – June 4, 2020 — RiskIQ, the world leader in attack surface management, today is pleased to announce an investment from National Grid Partners (NGP), the venture and innovation arm of British multinational utility company National Grid plc. This funding will enable RiskIQ to bring its...
  • Natural Power advises Green Investment Group on trio of Nordic wind projects
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has provided technical due diligence on behalf of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) for a trio of Nordic wind projects. GIG has reached financial close on the portfolio of onshore wind farms: 43 MW Hornamossen wind farm located in Sweden’s Jönköping municipality 47 MW Tysvaer ...
  • Natural Power expands offshore
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has appointed Rick Campbell as Head of Offshore to lead the development of the offshore business and explore new opportunities both within the UK and internationally. He is joined by Erlend Christiansen as Offshore Consents Lead in Ireland. Stephen Trotter, Managing Director at Natural Power, added: &ldqu...
  • HomeGrid Forum showcased further advances in the smart grid sector with the latest applications at IEEE ISPLC
    Beaverton, US, 18 May 2020: HomeGrid Forum is continuing to drive forward developments of technology that will revolutionize the future of Smart Cities. At the virtual 24th IEEE International Symposium on Power Line Communications (ISPLC), HomeGrid Forum’s Marcos Martinez, Chair of the Contributions Working Group, unveiled the Forum’s latest work on advancing G...
  • Rolls-Royce signs Iotics to power its Digital Twin Technology
    Rolls-Royce Power Systems adopts Iotics’ operating environment and toolset to expand its digital ecosystem and deliver Customer Service 4.0 14 May 2020: Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems, has selected Iotics’ technology to enable digital solutions with asset-focused digital twins. Iotics’ technology delivers Rolls-Royce the capability to unlock over 200 ...
  • Natural Power bolsters renewable heat team
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has appointed Louise Waters as a renewable heat engineer to support clients at all stages of the project lifecycle, providing expert advice and analysis in support of the development of district heating and renewable heat generation projects. Louise holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineerin...
  • Natural Power SVP to co-chair wind resource conference
    Holly Burnett PE, Senior Vice President at Natural Power, a leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, is set to co-chair the AWEA Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Conference 2020 which takes please on September 29 – 30 in Minneapolis, MN. Holly will co-chair the event with Dr. Chris Ziesler, Global Director at Energy Services Renewables UL LL...
  • Reducing data centre energy costs a top priority according to 49% in Secure I.T. Environments Poll
    Infrastructure investment to continue over the coming years with High Performance Computing, AI and Edge data centres all on the shopping list, and 29% planning to relocate data centres in 2020. 7 April 2020 – London, UK – A new poll from Secure I.T. Environments Ltd, one of the UK’s leading design and build companies for modular and containerised data centres...
  • Leading Turkish utility company digitalises operations with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets
    Turkish electricity company Dicle Elektrik adopts fully-rugged TOUGHBOOK tablets to improve processes for its field workers in the most challenging conditions. BRACKNELL, UK. 24th March 2020 – Dicle Elektrik, the Turkish electricity provider, has equipped its field service workers with approximately 1,500 TOUGHBOOK M1 devices to increase its service quality and improve pr...
  • HomeGrid Forum welcomes E.ON as a new Promoter member, as the alliance drives forward developments for the future of Smart Grids
    Major energy supplier is set to strengthen HomeGrid Forum’s mission for the Smart Grid and Smart City markets Beaverton, Oregon, 23 March 2020: HomeGrid Forum today announced that global energy service provider E.ON has joined the alliance, as it continues to promote and develop its work across an ever-widening portfolio including the Smart City and Smart Grid market...
  • Clarios Bolsters Commitment to Corporate Sustainability by Joining the UN Global Compact
    Milwaukee, WI – Clarios, a leader in advanced energy storage solutions, has joined the United Nations Global Compact – a voluntary initiative that encourages companies to develop, implement and disclose responsible business practices. By joining the compact, Clarios pledges to lead on 10 universal sustainability principles and uphold responsibilities in four areas: ...
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