Welcome Bergloewe to radmon.org!
Bergloewe has a radmon.org radbox-20 and is located in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Welcome matthieu to radmon.org!
matthieu has a radmon.org radbox-20 and is located in Erfurt, Germany.

Thank you both for your support. :)
Welcome ankast to radmon.org! :)
ankast has an RH Electronics V3.01 geiger counter v. 3.01 with STS-5 tube

Welcome nathanchantrell to radmon.org! :)
Nathan has a RH Electronics DIY kit, connected to a mini Arduino/RFM12B 433MHz radio board of his own design.
Welcome spytech and tatachan!

spytech will soon have a radmon.org radbox-20 set up in Damparis, France. Thank you for your support!

tatchan is in Sendai, Japan and has a NetIO GC-10 with SBM20 tube. Great to have another Japan station :)
Welcome to Adrenasxxx in Budapest, Hungary :)
Adrenasxxx has a NETIO GC10 with SBM20 tube, indoor detector near the window.