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Nuclear Energy News -- ScienceDaily

Nuclear Energy News -- ScienceDaily

Nuclear Energy Research. Nuclear power, fission and fusion, tabletop accelerators, and more. Read the latest scientific research on nuclear energy.
  • Physicists see nuclear wobbling in one isotope of gold
    Researchers recently discovered that some nuclei wobble on their intermediate axes. 
  • Smaller detection device effective for nuclear treaty verification, archaeology digs
    Most nuclear data measurements are performed at accelerators large enough to occupy a geologic formation a kilometer wide. But a portable device that can reveal the composition of materials quickly on-site would greatly benefit cases such as in archaeology and nuclear arms treaty verification. New research used computational simulations to show that with the right geometric adj...
  • Molecule modification could improve reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel
    The reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel could become safer and more efficient in future after researchers found a way to modify the structure of molecules to remove radioactive materials.
  • Current model for storing nuclear waste is incomplete
    The materials the United States and other countries plan to use to store high level nuclear waste will likely degrade faster than anyone previously knew, because of the way those materials interact, new research shows. The findings show that corrosion of nuclear waste storage materials accelerates because of changes in the chemistry the nuclear waste solution, and because of th...
  • Electrochemical method for extracting uranium, and potentially other metal ions, from solution
    Fifty years ago, scientists hit upon what they thought could be the next rocket fuel. Carboranes -- molecules composed of boron, carbon and hydrogen atoms clustered together in three-dimensional shapes -- were seen as the possible basis for next-generation propellants due to their ability to release massive amounts of energy when burned.
  • Americans perceive likelihood of nuclear weapons risk as 50/50 toss-up
    It has been 30 years since the end of the Cold War, yet on average, Americans still perceive that the odds of a nuclear weapon detonating on U.S. soil is as likely as a coin toss, according to new research.
  • New neutron detector can fit in your pocket
    Researchers have developed a new material that opens doors for a new class of neutron detectors. The semiconductor-based detector is highly efficient, stable, and can be used both in small, portable devices for field inspections and very large detectors that use arrays of crystals.
  • Unused stockpiles of nuclear waste could be more useful than we might think
    Chemists have found a new use for the waste product of nuclear power -- transforming an unused stockpile into a versatile compound which could be used to create valuable commodity chemicals as well as new energy sources.
  • Fastest chemical reaction in ionized water observed
    An international team of researchers have, for the first time, glimpsed the ultrafast process of proton transfer following ionization of liquid water, shedding light on how radical cations separate from their electron partners, neutralize and subsequently drift about creating damage.
  • Utilizing relativistic effects for laser fusion: A new approach for clean power
    Researchers have studied a new approach for laser nuclear fusion utilizing relativistic phenomena of intense laser light. By irradiating the ultra-intense laser light directly onto the fusion fuel, the researchers examined signs of heating of fusion fuel. This work may lead to widespread, clean fusion power.
  • Powder, not gas: A safer, more effective way to create a star on Earth
    Scientists have found that sprinkling a type of powder into fusion plasma could aid in harnessing the ultra-hot gas within a tokamak facility to produce heat to create electricity without producing greenhouse gases or long-term radioactive waste.
  • New aqueous lithium-ion battery improves safety without sacrificing performance
    As the lithium-ion batteries that power most phones, laptops, and electric vehicles become increasingly fast-charging and high-performing, they also grow increasingly expensive and flammable. Engineers have now demonstrated how they could -- by using aqueous electrolytes instead of the typical organic electrolytes -- assemble a substantially safer, cost-efficient battery that s...
  • Uranium chemistry and geological disposal of radioactive waste
    A new article provides a significant new insight into our understanding of uranium biogeochemistry and could help with the nuclear legacy. The recent study is the first time that researchers have shown that a uranium-sulfide complex can form under conditions representative of a deep underground environment. This complex then transforms further into highly immobile uranium oxide...
  • Researchers perfect nanoscience tool for studies of nuclear waste storage
    Studying radiation chemistry and electronic structure of materials at scales smaller than nanometers, scientists prepared samples of clay in ultra-thin layers. Working at the TRIUMF particle accelerator, they bombarded the samples with antimatter subatomic particles. They found their system is a proven tool for radiation studies of material to be used to store nuclear waste -- ...
  • State of shock: 200-year-old law about gas mixtures called into question
    According to a new study led by a team from The University of New Mexico, centuries-old laws about the behavior of gas mixtures do not apply in the presence of shock waves. This finding could have potential impact on everything that involves mixtures of gases exposed to a shock wave, for example, during combustion in an engine.
Atomic Insights

Atomic Insights

Atomic energy technology, politics, and perceptions from a nuclear energy insider who served as a US nuclear submarine engineer officer
  • The Fearless Green Deal
    By Robert Hargraves Democratic president Franklin D Roosevelt proclaimed at his 1933 inauguration, “…the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”  In years past Republican presidents were conservative stewards of the environment. The...
  • Did US Navy patent a functional fusion device?
    The US Patent Office has issued a patent for a Plasma Compression Fusion Device to Salvatore Pais, of Calloway MD. The patent assignee is the United States of American as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Patuxent River MD. The news of this patent issuance has produced a minor buzz that might turn into […]
  • Sharing message at #StrikeWithUs – We can use nuclear energy to address climate change
    On Friday, September 20, I took to the streets with a couple dozen other locals as part of the Student Climate Strike. I’m pleased to note that this political action seems to be part of a movement that is capturing attention and providing numerous “teachable moments.” Like any good activist, I carefully chose my attire […]
  • Atomic Show #267 – Dr. Lauren Jackson addresses radiophobia
    A couple of weeks ago, I heard Dr. (Isabel) Lauren Jackson talking to Bill Nye on his Science Rules podcast. At the end of his discussion with her, Nye seemed to have changed his mind in the positive direction regarding the importance of nuclear energy. He seemed far less worried about radiation and the potential […]
  • What exploded in Russia on Aug 8? My estimate is a (chemical) booster rocket for a nuclear powered cruise missile.
    A cruise missile with a nuclear reactor heated turbofan engine and a liquid fueled booster rocket is the most likely description of the Russian developmental weapons system that exploded while being tested on August 8. It’s likely that the explosion occurred during maintenance or fueling operations on a barge floating off shore and not during […]
  • Radioactive isotopes are too useful to waste
    Forgive me. It’s been almost three months since I last wrote a long form blog or article about the importance of atomic energy as a useful tool for solving many of the world’s most complex and pressing problems. I’ve been stimulated to take a partial break from my blissful state of being a mostly retired […]
  • Project Pele – Part II. Enabling technologies
    Building mobile nuclear power plants will be a challenge, but successfully meeting the challenges could alter the future trajectory of the energy and fuels supply industry. That is one of the largest and most consequential sectors of our modern, mobile, industrialized economy. There are no guarantees, but compared to many research and development projects, Project […]
  • Why was H. J. Muller an effective tool in effort to exaggerate danger of radiation?
    In 1945, H. J. Muller was in deep financial difficulty. He had burned many bridges during his career. He had a young wife, a two year old daughter, and a notice in hand that he would be losing his job. He was 56 years old and had not accumulated any savings. He had moved around […]
  • Project Dilithium – Boldly going back to a place our ancestors visited and prematurely abandoned
    In January 2019, the Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) of the U.S. Department of Defense officially informed the world that it was interested in learning more about small, mobile, nuclear generators. The SCO said it wanted to find out if there was technology available that could supply a forward operating base with abundant, emission-free electricity for […]
  • Atomic Show #266 – Seeing the Light about atomic energy potential
    Facing the immense threat of climate change, the need to power several billion more people and the continuing reluctance to use the most powerful tool available, Scott L. Montgomery and Thomas Graham Jr. realized that there was an information and perception gap about nuclear energy of roughly equivalent magnitudes. Their desire to help fill the […]
  • Atomic Show #265 – Atomic Optimism. Under-appreciated opportunities in sight.
    On Sunday, Feb 17, I realized that I was feeling extraordinarily good about the future of atomic energy, the future of clean energy production, and the future prosperity of the world that my grandchildren are going to inhabit. I immediately composed and sent an invitation to some atomic colleagues to join me in a conversation. […]
  • Are we finally approaching lift-off for a real Renaissance?
    Obituaries of the “Nuclear Renaissance” have been widespread and frequent in the years since the Great Recession and reactions to the Great Northeast Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. I’m pretty sure those obits have been premature in declaring the subject to be dead. Last week, I attended the 6th Annual Advanced Reactor Summit and Technology Showcase. [&hellip...
  • Acting EPA administrator appoints Dr. Brant Ulsh to head radiation advisory council
    Sometimes, there are benefits to breaking things. It’s often the only way to eliminate barriers and walls that prevent progress. The process can create dust and debris that must be cleaned up to allow erection of a solid, stable path, but without the initial sledgehammer attack, nothing gets done. For more than 20 years, I’ve […]
  • ML-1 Mobile Power System: Reactor in a Box
    This is a modest update of an article first published in November 1996. DOD’s recent issuance of an RFI for mobile, modest power output atomic power systems shows that the challenges that were clearly described in 1963 have not been addressed – yet. Now is a good time to start addressing them. The ML-1 experimental […]
  • Atomic Show #264 – Building momentum in advanced nuclear energy
    It’s not glaringly obvious, but preparatory steps enabling a take off for advanced nuclear power systems are making measurable progress. Enabling legislative acts have been passed by both the Senate and House and signed by the President, turning them into laws requiring actions. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is back to full strength and under a […]

Energy News

Energy News
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Today in Energy

Short, timely articles with graphics on energy facts, issues, and trends.
  • EIA revises global liquid fuels demand growth down because of the coronavirus
    In the February 2020 update of its Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that global liquid fuels demand will average 101.7 million barrels per day (b/d) in 2020, 1.0 million b/d more than the 2019 average but 378,000 b/d less than was forecast in the January 2020 edition of the STEO. The difference between the forecasts is...
  • Natural gas prices fall to lowest level since 2016, the lowest February prices in 20 years
    This winter, natural gas prices have been at their lowest levels in decades. On Monday, February 10, the near-month natural gas futures price at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed at $1.77 per million British thermal units (MMBtu). This price was the lowest February closing price for the near-month contract since at least 2001, in real terms, and the lowest near-mo...
  • U.S. natural gas consumption has both winter and summer peaks
    Natural gas consumption in the United States has two seasonal peaks, largely reflecting weather-related fluctuations in energy demand. In the winter months, cold weather leads to more demand for heating in the residential and commercial sectors. In the summer months, warm weather leads to more demand for air conditioning and, in turn, more demand for electricity. Because natura...
  • The United States is projected to be a net exporter of crude oil in two AEO2020 side cases
    The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that the United States will export more crude oil and petroleum products combined than it imports (net exporter) until 2050, but under certain conditions, it could become a net exporter of crude oil on its own in the future as well. EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2020 (AEO2020) includes two side cases—one...
  • About 13% of U.S. electricity generating capacity can switch between natural gas and oil
    In 2018, 138 gigawatts (GW), or 13%, of the total operating electric generating capacity within the United States is made up of generators capable of switching between natural gas and petroleum liquid fuels, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) most recent annual survey of electric generators. Fuel switching refers to a generator's ability to complete...

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Nuclear and wmd news covering nuclear an chemical weapons, nuclear proliferation and arms control.
  • NATO Chief Rejects Macron Call to Put French Nukes at Center of European Strategy
    NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg dismissed calls by French President Emmanuel Macron to put France’s nuclear deterrence at the center of European defense strategy, saying the United States and Britain already provide an effective security umbrella. “We have to remember that we have a European nuclear deterrent today — 28 allies deliver that every day an...
  • BAE to Develop Advanced Analytics to Detect WMD Threat Activity
    BAE Systems to develop advanced analytics technology to assist in the detection and deterrence of mass destruction activity, helping to protect national security. BAE Systems has received funding from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Defense Sciences Office to develop advanced analytics technology that will assist in the detection and deterrenc...
  • France to spell out post-Brexit nuclear weapons strategy
    France, the European Union’s sole nuclear power since Britain’s exit from the bloc, will unveil Friday how it intends to use its atomic arsenal as a deterrent in an increasingly unstable world. President Emmanuel Macron, in an address to military officers graduating in Paris, is expected to recommit to upgrading France’s capacity, at a time […]
  • Pentagon confirms ‘low-yield’ nuclear weapon on submarine
    The US Defense Department announced Tuesday that it has deployed a submarine carrying a new long-range missile with a relatively small nuclear warhead, saying it is in response to Russian tests of similar weapons. The deployment of the W76-2 low-yield warhead is “to address the conclusion that potential adversaries, like Russia, believe that employment of […]
  • Smaller detection device effective for nuclear treaty verification, archaeology digs
    Most nuclear data measurements are performed at accelerators large enough to occupy a geologic formation a kilometer wide, like the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center located on a mesa in the desert. But a portable device that can reveal the composition of materials quickly on-site would greatly benefit cases such as in archaeology and nuclear […]
  • China has ‘no intention to participate’ in arms talks
    China said Wednesday it has “no intention to participate” in trilateral arms control negotiations, a day after Washington called on Beijing to join its nuclear arms talks with Moscow. The United States has held two rounds of talks with Russia, aimed at reducing misunderstandings around critical security issues since the collapse of a Cold War […]
  • North Korea says may seek ‘new path’ of weapons build-up
    Pyongyang on Tuesday warned that it could seek a “new path” and accelerate its weapons program, after Washington imposed fresh sanctions on North Korean companies amid stalled nuclear talks. North Korean representative Ju Yong Chol told the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva that his country’s efforts to improve relations with Washington had been met with [&h...
  • US urges China to join nuclear arms talks
    Washington called Tuesday on Beijing to join its nuclear arms talks with Moscow, warning that lack of transparency around China’s growing weapons stockpile posed a “serious threat”. The United States and Russia have held two rounds of talks aimed at reducing misunderstandings about critical security issues since the collapse of a Cold War nuclear pact [&hellip...
  • Iran says it may pull out of nuclear treaty over Europe dispute
    Iran said Monday it will consider withdrawing from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) if a dispute over its atomic program goes before the UN Security Council. Britain, France and Germany launched a process last week charging Iran with failing to observe the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal, a move that […]
  • France ignores call to exit Iran nuclear deal
    France said Thursday it remains “committed” to the 2015 Iran nuclear accord it signed with other world powers, despite Donald Trump urging the Europeans to quit the deal. The US president on Wednesday pulled back from the brink of war with Iran after having ordered the killing of a top Iranian general, to which Tehran […]

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Bechtel News - Nuclear, Security & Environmental

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energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

energy/utilities-energy/power feed from realwire

Most recent 15 energy/utilities-energy/power articles distributed by realwire
  • Energy2market and Deutsche Post to Optimise Power Procurement and Energy Use at Logistics Sites
    Conclusion of the government-subsidised research project TRADE EV In cooperation with Deutsche Post AG and its subsidiary StreetScooter GmbH, Energy2market GmbH (e2m) has developed options with a view to optimising power procurement and the use of energy at selected logistics sites with e-vehicles. The results of the TRADE EV[1] research project, which is subsidised by the Fede...
  • Natural Power approved as a NYSERDA FlexTech consultant in New York
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has been approved by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) as a FlexTech consultant to help businesses plan clean energy strategies. Serving all counties in New York State, Natural Power is approved to provide consultancy services in the areas of technical support and clea...
  • North American team expands to keep pace
    Fresh off a record-breaking 2019, Natural Power has made several significant hires in its technical advisory team to enable continued growth and to further strengthen capabilities in independent engineering and technical due diligence, bolstering both the company’s capacity in North America as well as its service offerings across all renewable energy sectors. Recent addit...
  • Controllis introduces a family of high capacity rectifiers with seamless solar integration and prioritisation capability
    Telecoms operators can easily upgrade their power networks and incorporate solar energy for greater reliability and greener power Thetford 14th January 2020. Controllis, a leading global supplier of low carbon and carbon neutral hybrid power solutions has added the Smart48 DC power system to its portfolio. An efficient and highly scalable power platform, the Smart48 DC power sy...
  • Natural Power advises on Finnish wind deal
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has acted as technical advisor to the Finnish renewable energy developer, Taaleri Energia, in a deal that sees funds managed by Taaleri Group divest part of their wind farm investment portfolio by selling their shares in the Nyby and Myllykangas wind farms to a consortium of Korean institutional investors...
  • Natural Power appoints Director of Service Operations
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has appointed Steve Brignall as Director of Service Operations.Steve brings a wealth of experience in servicing and client management; joining Natural Power directly from Senvion where he was the Operations Manager for Northern Europe, prior to that he spent time abroad in servicing and operational roles....
  • Prysmian Group Introduces Breakthrough Innovation for Telecom Broadband Development
    World’s First 180 Micron Bend Insensitive Fibre Pushes Dimensions to an Unprecedented Lower Level Miniaturized Optical Cables Are Key to Sustain Future Digital Developments Milan, 16 December 2019 – Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, keeps sustaining future digital developments and introduces a bend insensitive single-mode...
  • Natural Power advises Octopus on acquisition of 115MW European onshore wind portfolio
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has acted as technical advisor to Octopus Renewables, part of Octopus Group, for its acquisition of a 115MW portfolio of wind farms in a deal totalling more than €100 million with renewable energy company RES.The portfolio of eight wind farms is comprised of operational sites in France, the UK and Ir...
  • Controllis launches carbon neutral power solution for off-grid and poor-grid telecom sites
    Controllis Zero offsets CO2 emissions from power production with sustainable solar and biofuel systemCambridge 27th November 2019. According to the GSMA there are more than one million off-grid / poor-grid telecoms sites in use globally, which combined are generating a carbon footprint greater than countries such as Nepal, Cambodia and Cameroon. By leveraging the environmental ...
  • Five year contract marks milestone for Natural Power and E.ON
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has secured a five year contract to deliver HV support to E.ON UK. By the end of the contract term, the two businesses will have been working together for more than 20 years. Natural Power first delivered operational support to E.ON (formerly Powergen) in 2002 at the 24-turbine Bowbeat Wind Farm in the Sc...
  • HUBER+SUHNER enters mining market with innovative solutions for critical communication infrastructure
    The company’s established knowledge and expertise in fiber optic technology has proven to be key in the mining market and will be showcased at China Coal & Mining Expo 2019Drawing on its extensive experience in providing solutions for optical connectivity in harsh environmental conditions, HUBER+SUHNER is now leading the way in supplying the mining industry with innov...
  • Wiltshire County Council Expands Telensa Deployment to 42,000 Smart Streetlights
    Central Management System has paid for itself in reduced energy and maintenance costs and will provide a low-cost platform for future smart city applicationsCambridge, UK - 29 October 2019 Telensa, the market leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, today announced that it has been selected by Wiltshire County Council to expand its PLANet intelligent str...
  • Natural Power recruits Energy Manager to support clients' carbon targets
    Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has appointed Duncan Wren in the role of Energy Manager. This new role has been created in response to the growing demand from clients in the built environment to help with lowering their carbon emissions. Euan Hutchison, Associate Technical Director (Planning), said: “Working with our teams of tech...
  • Natural Power awarded innovation grant to improve wind farm efficiency
    Following a pilot project to improve wind farm efficiency, leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has been awarded more than £100,000 from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to further develop its research into ‘Combining complex and disparate data sources to define and deploy leaner and smarter operational strategies t...
  • Rezatec launches deployment to monitor water pollution around Lake Maumelle for Central Arkansas Water
    Harwell, Oxfordshire, 10 September 2019 – Central Arkansas Water, a metropolitan water utility system located in Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA has partnered with Rezatec, a world leading data analytics company, to conduct a deployment to identify and monitor sources of contaminants entering one of its primary drinking water sources, Lake Maumelle.Lake Maumelle is a 13.9 s...
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