You can register as a forum and website user by selecting 'Log in' from the main menu, then clicking the link 'Don't have an account?'

If you want to submit your radiation readings to, please follow the following instructions. There is no automated registration process to the radmon system at present.

1. Register with the forums and introduce yourself. Post a message in the 'Introduce yourself' forum and let us know:

Your location
Your make and model of geiger counter
The type of detector tube
Any other information you feel is relevant, e.g. outdoor detector.

Your forum username will be your username for submitting data.

2. PM me, mw0uzo, with a unique, unimportant password. If you don't give a password I will create a random one for you. This is the password you will use for submitting data. You can do this by selecting PM on the main site menu, clicking 'Compose' and entering my username, 'mw0uzo'. Or you can PM me from my profile page on the forum. I will add you to the system as soon as I can. This will be during working days or in the evenings on weekends, United Kingdom time.

3. After a few forum posts and getting your counter sending data successfully, you will be able to submit news about your station and any other interesting articles. These will appear on the main News page.

Some characters that are allowed in the forum are not allowed in the radmon username, so please check carefully my reply to you to ensure you are using the right username and password in RadLog, pyradmon etc. Both the username and password are case sensitive. If you forget your password, PM me for a reminder.