Welcome to the radmon.org shop!
Here you will find some external detectors suitable for use with RadLog and pyradmon. radmon.org is an open system, so you can take and submit readings with any compatible hardware, e.g a kit from one of the geiger kit suppliers, a compatible commercial geiger counter, a homebrew geiger counter, any geiger counter with the audio method or one of the following units.

The radmon.org radbox-20

The radbox-20 is a weatherproof external radiation background monitoring device. It contains an SBM-20 tube, sensitive to gamma radiation and hard beta particles. It is designed to be mounted on a surface outdoors, e.g in the eves or on a wall of your house. It is fed with a single 5mm diameter high quality cable that is 10m in length. This should be ample to lead through a window or other cable outlet to your PC, single board computer or other homebrew device. The radbox-20 is powered from a USB connector and the pulses are detected by plugging the 3.5mm jack into an audio or microphone input. The typical configuration is to just plug the unit into your PC via the USB and microphone or line in connectors. Windows is supported via RadLog, see the download page. Linux is supported by pyradmon.

There are two styles to choose from:
Funky - the yellow and black graphical decoration
No graphics - no label at all

The LED and internal sounder for detections can be enabled and disabled. The case is sealed with a rubber gasket and rubber washers for the case screws and the cable entry gland and LED are sealed with rubber washers.

Here is the install location for my prototype unit, it is at standing working height for easy access. The higher the unit is, the better.

There are a few different options to consider when buying the radbox-20:

All radbox-20 versions sold out. More parts coming soon. Please let me know on the forum if you are interested.

Order progress

Progress on the orders will be reported via the forum. See the 'Projects' forum and the radbox-20 thread. Please register on the forums if you order a unit. You can contact me, mw0uzo, by PM if you have any questions. :)

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are £5 for UK orders and £12 for international orders via standard airmail (no tracking, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery) or £15 for a international, tracked service. Tracking may not be available in all countries.