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5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #4350 by GetSirius
Replied by GetSirius on topic RadLog v0.44 Ideas
I like the idea of moving the Graph settings, but a little different. My preference would be to keep the settings on the Graph page so you can see the results right away, but be able to hide them. They could overlay the graph when open. Just a beginners idea..
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5 months 2 weeks ago #4360 by mw0uzo
Replied by mw0uzo on topic RadLog v0.44 Ideas
Yeah that would work, I like the way you can immediately see changes. The graph does have a big wasted space where the settings are, so that, in combination with seeing changes is why they are there. I really don't like UI that buries settings under a zillion clicks, which seems to be the modern thing. Click Settings. Scroll down all the way. Then Click Advanced Settings. Scroll down all the way again. etc

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3 months 3 weeks ago - 3 months 3 weeks ago #4396 by GetSirius
Replied by GetSirius on topic RadLog v0.44 Ideas
Having used Radlog 0.43 software for a few weeks now I have a couple of items on my wish list. I do like the software as it is. Seems to be running very stable on an old laptop running Win7.

1. Fix the issue where running local time causes the graph to cut a few hours off the end when running the maximum 24 hours.

2. Redesign graph as mentioned earlier. Maybe the CPM and CPM average legend on the right could be eliminated or placed at the bottom of the graph with the Time UTC line. This is a minor update in my opinion.

3. A manual range option for the graph would be nice. My example is not radiation related, but when using your software on my lightning detector there was one minute where the software registered near 150CPM (some local noise), while the remainder of the 24 hour period the CPM was between 0 and 20, when no storms are near the CPM is under 6 most of the time. The one minute excursion caused the graph to compress the other data quite a bit.

4. A way to remove data from local graph. Be able to remove data by time range, or by CPM value. For CPM value, there should be no low limit. I realize this is in place for radmon.org data, but it does not appear to be available for local graph, or FTP uploads to websites.

5. Zero CPM alarm should be able to be disabled when high CPM alarm is set. Make high alarm and zero alarm completely separate.

6. Make program show up normally in taskbar as most other windows programs do.

7. Ability to run on Linux, or at least easy to run using Wine. I have had no luck getting program to run using Wine in Linux Mint. I am a total novice at Linux.

Thanks for listening, thank you for the time put into this software!
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4 days 19 hours ago #4536 by Simomax
Replied by Simomax on topic RadLog v0.44 Ideas
A few ideas:

Make it so the graph rebuilds itself (or whatever can be done) so that the graph doesn't reset after restarting Radlog. It could leave a blank in the graph for any time that elapsed between shutting down and restarting Radlog.

Have the ability to upload via FTP the distribution plot, long term trend views and averaged historical graphs (like the ones on Radmon.org - radmon.org/radmon.php?function=showuserpage&user=Simomax )

Have the ability to use an image for the graph background. I think if (the user's background image) done nicely the FTP graph could look quite groovy with an image behind it.

Have the ability to upload via FTP files of our own choosing. Allow for say 5 or 10 user definable files to upload to a web server. Files such as 'alertsandwarnings.txt', 'trendreportsummary.txt' or others could be uploaded and then parsed using PHP or other to pull out data to use on a station web page.

Have the ability to create a single text file that can contain user chosen variables. Something like with the graph description where you can insert variables, but written to a text file. Variables such as <cpm>, <usv>, <mr>, <date>, <time> along with others such as <station_name>, <station_desc>, <station_location> etc etc could be used then parsed into web pages. This feature would work well with the one I mentioned above. It would also allow for a 'place' where simple data could be kept and updates so other devices such as internet connected arduino or something else could pick up the data. An example would be an Arduino or ESP8266 running as a remote display showing current (to when it was uploaded last) CPM or uSv/hr or something.

Have the ability to have 'realtime' data uploaded via FTP to a web server. This would simply be the CPM, maybe along with the uSv/hr and mR/hr conversions. By realtime I mean FTP upload every 5 or 10 seconds. Nothing less than 5 seconds. Again could be used by remote displays to show the count in the last few seconds. Would also be able to make a remote alarm using Arduino or similar.

I completely understand that most people will be thinking WTF right now for various reasons and it would to a degree 'bloat' Radlog but they are features I would really use. With regard to the FTP'ing data (alertsandwarnings.txt, realtime CPM etc). I currently pull in data from my weather station to my home automation system. From this it will alert me for things such as I get a text message when it is frosty in the morning so I go out and warm my car in time for work. I can see Dan just shaking his head in despair at the potential 3000 lines of extra code :silly:

All that said they are just ideas. :)

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